E-motorbike made of leather and wood

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Hardly a week goes by without an email from some new company making an electric motorcycle, but this one caught our attention because it is made of leather, wood and metal.

Like many of the electric motorcycles being produced, it’s an urban-based mahicne, not much bigger than a bicycle and weighing just 32kg.

It’s made by a Barcelona-based studio called Rocsie. Barcelona is a well-known centre for industrial design such as the famous Barcelona chair.

Rocsie wood E-motorbike
Rocsie staff with their e-motorbike

Wood frame

Rocsie visual content manager  Xavi Coll says their e-motorbike is made “entirely out of wood, metal and leather”.

“We are launching a crowdfunding campaign by January 26th to sell as many units as we can, so we can continue producing them, thus we are currently creating community around for us to gain some visibility,” Xavi says.

The e-motorbike will sell for €6000 for the Twilight and €8000 for the Custom with final prices decided after the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

They are also offering a 50% discount for early investors.Rocsie wood E-motorbike

Tech specs

The claimed top speed from the 100W rear hub motor is 45km/h (28mph) and has range of only 50km, so it’s definitely an urban bike only.

And when you go to charge the lithium-ion battery, it will take six hours to fully charge from empty.

So it would probably make a nice commuter bike for a short ride to work if you can charge it while you’re there.

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Rocsie wood E-motorbike

Design exercise

The Barcelona company doesn’t expect to sell more than about 10 of each model, so we wonder why they would bother.

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Perhaps it’s a design/promotion exercise.

The use of the laminated wood frame is interesting. It probably has to do with expense (cheaper than carbon fibre), lightweight and has some flex as the bike has no suspension.

While it may not make it to mass production, it shows the flexibility of design possible with the next generation of electric-powered vehicles.

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