Maintenance tips to keep your car in good condition

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The first thing to do after you buy a new or a used car is work out a maintenance program and strictly stick to it. It is wrong to assume that having bought a new car you may forget about its maintenance for a few years. Or, rather, you certainly may do that, but then significant difficulties will cause you to dedicate much time and effort to maintenance or, alternatively, buy yourself another car. Certainly, there are many activities which are advisable to be undertaken on regular basis. Not every car owner does all of them. But it is very important to choose the ones which apply to your particular case and which you will be prepared to perform on regular basis. Do not try to save on maintenance. Preventive measures are not too costly, but if you allow the situation go downhill, it is very likely that in a relatively short period of time you will find your car in need of major repairs. Such may cost a substantial amount of money and may require a significant period of time leaving you without a vehicle.

Owner’s Manual

You ought to never neglect closely reading your owner’s manual. Whatever they may say, this booklet is full of specific information about your particular car model which you ought to know. You need to understand, what kind of fuel the manufacturer recommends for this model. If you stick to the recommended fuel in the majority of cases, you are likely to substantially extend life span of your engine.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Many people tend to wait until the fact that the tires are underinflated is visible ad starts causing significant inconveniences on the road. This is not the right approach. The tires which are not properly inflated wear out much faster and cause significant mechanic damage to the car in general. You should not underestimate the risks to your own life and health which they cause. Thus, it is recommended to every car owner to regularly check the pressure in your tires.

Changing Oil

This is also an important preventive measure to always keep in mind. You do not have to do it very frequently, but every once in a while you need to have your oil changed. Recommended terms for this measure are stated in your manual. One thing to keep in mind that if you are often stuck in traffic jams or if you regularly drive complicated roads, you need to consider changing oil slightly more frequently.


This is a measure of life importance. You need to make sure there is enough liquid in your engine’s coolant, otherwise you may find the temperature rise to unacceptable level at the moment when you are least prepared for it. Therefore, it is better to double-check and make sure the coolant is full and no liquid is leaking.

Test Your Battery

Batteries do wear out and sometimes this may happen quite unpredictably. In order to avoid being stuck on the road with a dead battery you should first of all regularly stop by car maintenance facilities and have your battery tested, but you also need to realize: even in case your battery is in perfect condition you still may find yourself in a situation when it runs out of power. To deal with such situations you need a jump starter. Consider buying the best car jump starter you can possibly afford and keep it always charged. Remember, in some critical situations you will depend on this tiny device.

Carefully check your manual to find other useful tips and hints, which are specific of your particular vehicle and do try to save time or money on your car maintenance.

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