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South African carbon fibre manufacturing company Blackstone TEK has added a beautiful five-split-spoke wheel to its line-up that can be swapped between bikes.

The Rapid TEK features an interchangeable high-pressure-forged carbon hub. That allows you to quickly swap it between up to 30 Japanese and European sports models.

If you want to make one modification to improve your motorcycle’s handling, acceleration and braking, consider swapping for carbon-fibre wheels.

That’s not advertising hype, either.

Tried and tested

I changed the steel spoked wheels on my Ducati GT1000 for a set of Black Diamond carbon fibre wheels at $3600.

Blackstone TEK Black Diamond carbon fibre wheels for Ducati GT1000 hype
Ducati GT1000 with Black Diamond wheels

That might sound expensive, but it’s about the same price as improving the brakes, handling and acceleration separately.

Yet you end up with wheels that look amazing, are easier to keep clean and have convenient 90-degree-angle valve stems for easier inflation.

Blackstone TEK Black Diamond carbon fibre wheels for Ducati GT1000
90-degree valve stem

The weight saving on my bike was a massive 11.7kg.

That’s a lot less inertia for the bike to contend with. Consequently, the improvements in handling, steering, braking, acceleration and wheelies!

Read all about the improvements here.

Rapid TEK carbon fibre wheels

Blackstone TEK’s new Rapid TEK wheels weigh only 2.7kg for the front (3.5” x 17) and 2.4-2.6kg for the rear (6” x 17).

You can choose conventional black carbon fibre look or various candy coloured INK or paint finishes.

They come with a two-year factory warranty.

All Blackstone TEK wheels are rigorously tested and certified to European and American standards.

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