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The Motocross facility at Florida Paths and Trails offers four Motocross courses, an ATV/UTV track, as well as a Mud track.

World famous tracks contractor, Dream Traxx, is behind the construct of the grand riding facility. Nearly half a million yards of soil will form various landscapes and terrain for what’ll shortly develop into a world class riding facility. Get prepared. Its going to be legendary

Just open to people on select weekends. The Pro Tracks will soon be open once monthly, check calendar for another opening weekend.

It is going to be effective at holding Outside National Races for both dirt bikes and ATVs. Region and Regional Races for Hobbyists along with AMA races for the Professional Riders will probably be held with this track. With planned lap times of greater than one minute long you may rest assured that there’ll be multiple tabletops, singles as well as several doubles with this track. It has an excellent flow to it as it winds you back and forth pushing one to run into the following challenge. It’ll be an excellent opening track preparing one to go onto the bigger course. Most of the hops will be tabletops that can give the peace of mind while landing that everything is certainly going to be all right. There is going to be no stresses of other riders flying over you or around you as we’ll modulate who’s outside with this path. We all started somewhere and should you be only getting started this is really where you would like to ride.PEEWEE TRACK, This course is for our small guys and ladies that ride the 50cc and 65cc machines. This track is constructed with one part of mind, security for the rider. Mother and dad will likely be overjoyed to understand their kid is going to have course that may give hours of entertainment while understanding that security was the sole part of mind throughout the look. There’ll be some little tabletops and extremely little single hops. The corners will soon be tough in consistency so the rider will make the turn without fighting to remain erect. Since most courses in Florida have sand we are going to ensure that you acquire some sand in some of the straightaways so the rider could possibly get used to riding through it. Each of the hops may also be difficult in consistency so the rider can really feel comfortable as they navigate up it. It is going to be broad enough to permit two UTVs to ride side by side as they become one using the course. The soil is going to be that of a more challenging consistency so the course can put up with many riders through the entire day without it deteriorating from the bigger machines. It’s going to be designed for all age and ability levels at heart. Mother can take little Johnny about the course and certainly will never have some problems or anxieties of the machine rolling over and father can go somewhat quicker and get the wheels away from the earth. Get dirty with a more intriguing strategy. No bogs or open pits here we’re designing a path you will need to navigate through. We might even throw in a few stone and post crossings at the same time and ensure that you provide you with a couple of trenches through the entire class which will keep you working the equipment.


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