How To Ride Dirt Bike On Water

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There is a sneaky trick that’s enabling this biker to apparently defy physics by driving on water

Australian stuntman Robbie Maddison continues to be tearing up the waves as well as the Internet with his insanely cool dirt bike.

If it turned out to be a simple dirt bike, it could ‘ve been near impossible. The wheels would not be able to go quickly enough to keep the motorcycle afloat for quite long.

So, Maddison added skis such as those you utilize to water ski. There is one attached to the leading wheel and one more toward the central finishing in the rear wheel:Dirt-Bike-On-Water

Arthur Schmidt, a physics professor at Northwestern University, described in a e-mail the way the wheels could maintain the bike moving forward:

“The motor bike must provide a unique motivation through its back wheel,” he wrote. “A dirt bike was made to run through mud, a fluid much like water just with soil added.

The main variable, Schmidt said, is keeping the motorcycle going:Dirt-Bike-On-Water

“The essential matter will have the ability to develop enough force together with the wheel treading water to fight the frictional drag of the ski through water to keep up a rate adequate to lift the ski and motorcycle against gravitation,” Schmidt wrote.

That is what is occurring here.

It helps the motorcycle was going quickly before going into the water. Several years back, the Mythbusters pair tested out a similar notion, called the Aqua Bike. But mainly, it was only a routine dirt bike with no additional ski. Here is a video of how that turned out (hint: not quite also as Maddison’s trendy wave-riding stunt).

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After picking up speed before going into the water, the Aqua Bike’s weight finally becomes too hefty for the speed to counteract, inducing the motorcycle to slowly sink as an alternative to skimming the surface.

“Actually, the whole way I envisioned I needed seriously to drive the wave on my motorcycle was incorrect,” he told Surfer Magazine.

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