I Surprised My Step Dad With A Motorcycle For Christmas

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Kawasaki KLX140G

Sean MacDonald

Last Christmas, I took a Kawasaki KLX140G home and taught my whole family to ride. This year, we took it a step further and surprised my stepdad Glenn with a bike of his very own.

According to my mother, Glenn had been talking nonstop about motorcycles since that Kawasaki Christmas. I got my share as I was bombarded during the off-season (given our family riding season is basically three days long during Christmas) with text messages about ideas for the track. As the holidays grew closer, those texts turned to pictures as he prepared it for me to bring something home to play with again.

It was no surprise then Glenn was the first one out to greet me as I arrived to my parents’ house, just as it was no surprise he was sad I arrived too late in the day to get some riding in that day.

We spent Christmas Eve day riding the thoroughly manicured track and enjoying the bike, and Glenn couldn’t stop telling me how grateful he was that I managed to “borrow” a bike to bring home. Little did he know, we had more in store.

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