Kawasaki H2 vs. Lightning LS-218

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This story isn’t concerning the future or what it could maintain. It is about immediately. It’s concerning the pinnacle of efficiency in two-wheel propulsion because it stands within the 12 months 2017. Proper now. This story is about the most effective evolution of every expertise and a metropolis during which each bikes come alive. World-beating energy and a quarter-mile of asphalt.

Take a second to think about the small miracle of those two machines—posing facet by facet, a Christmas tree within the center and a straight stretch of pavement shimmering below the lights forward—rising to the highest of the motorcycling world. A supercharged literbike, Kawasaki’s H2, and the electrical Lightning LS-218, named after its record-breaking land-speed run. Comparable sufficient that it’s unattainable to know which is able to win and so totally different it’s exhausting to know the place to start out.

We might return a century and a half, to when there have been extra electrical automobiles than gas-powered ones, however there’s no sense in dwelling on the previous. Higher to go to a spot that represents the slicing fringe of expertise in society: San Francisco, a metropolis scorching with welders burning and new buildings reaching into the sky, whereas beneath on the city jungle ground the digital info of a brand new technology of expertise flows in torrents. It’s the proper place for an all-digital superbike to face off towards the most effective inside combustion has to supply.

Stage lights illuminate in sequence. Edging the LS-218 ahead means twisting the grip ever so barely, ready for an ominous click on from the motor and the highest run of the chain to stretch tight. It stares down the strip by way of squinty LED eyes. Silent and stoic. The H2 burps baritone revs out the pipe. 4 cylinders in line however with a particular tone—the chirp the engine makes when the throttle closes is a pleasant reminder of the pressured induction alongside for the journey. The H2 hints at one thing particular each time you take a look at or hearken to it.

Kawasaki H2 vs. Lightning LS-218

The H2 and the LS-218 get the inexperienced gentle.

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Relying in your perspective of bikes and motorcycling, Kawasaki may really feel like a regular-size firm that aligns with different manufacturers around the globe. It’s not. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a colossal enterprise, greater than 100 years previous with tens of 1000’s of workers engaged on trains, ships, aerospace, fuel generators, and industrial robots. The H2 isn’t only a supercharged, $28,000 bike. It’s the most effective concepts the mind belief of a world superpower in aero and fluid dynamics, metallurgy, and engineering can assemble, multi functional place.

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Which is why the paint glistens simply so. It’s utilized by hand and truly isn’t paint in any respect. H2 physique panels are primed, moist sanded, after which a chemical mixture is sprayed on, which cures by reacting and making a layer of pure silver. Layers of clear coat are added till it seems to be like the entire bike was carved from a bubble of mercury. It’s menacing. It displays the sunshine of the dragstrip and soaks it up on the similar time.

Kawasaki H2 vs. Lightning LS-218

A scene from an episode of the ’90s Superman cartoon titled “Velocity Demons” is what impressed this shot. Becoming for the H2 and LS-218 comparability.

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Kawasaki vs. Lightning

The imply streets of San Francisco. Meaner with the Kawasaki and Lightning strutting their stuff. No passenger pegs and no nonsense. Avenue authorized, sure, however it’s debatable if they need to be.

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Lightning began a little bit greater than 10 years in the past, with a lithium battery shoved right into a Yamaha R1 body and simply sufficient horsepower (about 65) to make everybody consider that electrical propulsion may very well be the longer term. Over the previous decade, the corporate has gained the Pikes Peak Worldwide Hill Climb, FIM world championship occasions, and reached 218 mph at Bonneville. Acceptance grew with the accolades. Now anybody with $38,000 and alter should buy a motorbike with the Lightning energy and pedigree. Nothing occurs right away, however the LS-218’s evolution has been speedy.

The machine is speedy too. After an eighth of a mile, the LS-218 continues to be wheelying, pushing greater than 200 hp to the tarmac. The one sound is chain spinning and wind hissing across the carbon bodywork. Six and a half seconds down the strip and nonetheless not vast open. Aboard the H2, revs climb into 5 digits. The supercharger impeller spins at 10 occasions crank pace, smashing air by way of 16 valves slamming open and shut a whole lot of occasions each second. It’s a blur of alloy and hearth, dipped in black chrome. It’s behind the Lightning however catching up.

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Mockingly, in all places aside from a dragstrip, catching up is what the Lightning nonetheless has to do. Using throughout San Francisco Bay and into town confirmed the LS-218 for what it’s: a racebike with lights, and an unapologetic one. Even tall riders are stretched out towards the low clip-ons. Necks are craned and wrists are crimped. An enormous and vibrant LCD sprint reveals rpm and pace, together with a gaggle of different knowledge factors that you must study to learn earlier than you are taking off. The blinker change is difficult to achieve, the seat is skinny, and there’s not a lot steering lock.

The H2 is docile, largely, and never uncomfortable. The driving place is aggressive but additionally compact. The handlebars really feel near the seat, and in the event you scoot up you possibly can trundle alongside fairly fortunately at metropolis or freeway speeds. At 525 kilos it’s about 30 ticks heavier than the Lightning however doesn’t really feel chubby. The little stuff has a well-executed really feel to it: Every thing from the hybrid analog/digital sprint to the switchgear to the way in which the seat meets the tank feels prefer it’s advanced over generations of streetbikes.

And it has. Kawasaki has already solved a whole lot of issues that Lightning hasn’t run into but. Suspension tuning, traction management—all the nuances and complexities of changing into a mature, refined bike—are but to return for Lightning. Nearly all the nuances, anyway: The H2’s throttle response is atrocious. It doesn’t matter vast open.

Many of the means down the strip, the 2 beasts are at full dash, each pulling maniacally towards 150 mph. The Lightning begins to expire of gearing with its 66-tooth rear sprocket, whereas the Kawasaki catches fifth gear, supercharger spinning at 120,000 rpm and singing its track. 9-point-nine-four seconds after the beginning, the H2 has lined a quarter-mile and is touring 148 mph. The Lightning is lower than a hundredth of a second and four mph behind.

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Kawasaki vs. Lightning

Maintaining with the most effective Kawasaki has to supply is a monumental step ahead for electrical bikes.

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Play the sport of “if the Kawasaki simply had a pipe on it” or “all of the Lightning wanted was totally different gearing” all you need. It’s all completely true and completely irrelevant. Each bikes might go quicker, and that’s precisely what makes the parity so lovely and so refreshing. Masking a quarter-mile in 10 seconds is a benchmark of pace that serves as its personal achievement.

Maintaining with the most effective Kawasaki has to supply is a monumental step ahead for electrical bikes. To be complaining about little stuff like hard-to-reach switches and too-bright screens is so encouraging it might virtually convey tears to your eyes. That stuff will evolve shortly. What the electrical bike business wants is extra emotion. It wants issues that go away you perplexed. It’s not nearly rolling up subsequent to a superbike and pushing your chest out. Motorcycling is a few reference to the machine. Whether or not it’s freedom or exhilaration, there has be a way of togetherness.

Pure thrust may be that conduit. Efficiency is a pillar of motorcycling creativeness. When there’s sufficient energy on faucet that it’s in your arms to regulate it, there turns into a way of cohesion between the individual and the car. It calls for respect and rewards understanding.

What it means is that the tip of this drag race is definitely just the start of a brand new period of competitors. The Lightning LS-218 isn’t good, however the truth that there’s even a dialog—that an electrical bike truly creates emotions which are exhausting to explain—holds extra potential than simply horsepower.

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