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The Protesting Party Does Not Believe It Is Serious Enough…

In the American Motorcycle Association (AMA):
Determination of the Race Manager,
Vegas, Nev., Supercross
Following an entire report on the event, including video and eyewitness reports, it was established by the Race Manager that rider #16 Zach Osborne was in violation of the rule Appendix A.2.c.17.
A2 General Violations and Punishments
I. These violations will likely be subject to disciplinary actions by the Race Manager or the competent bodies. This list is offered as guidance to authorized competitions and occasion qualification holders but doesn’t limit AMA from invoking punishments for other activities harmful to the sport which aren’t expressly considered herein.

Riding on or off the track anytime in this way as to endanger the life or limb of other riders, officials or people.
The protesting party didn’t buy into the seriousness of the punishment and decided to appeal the Race Managers conclusion. It had been established by the appeals panel the fee was warranted. The determination of the Race Manager was affirmed as well as the determination of the appeals panel is final. No further appeal can be done.

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