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Vegas Supercross Game Results 2017

Dungey Resists Furious Fight with Tomac to Clinch Fourth Monster Energy Supercross Championship in Las Vegas
Osborne Beats First-Move Crash to Emerge with East Region 250SX Title
LAS VEGAS (May 6, 2017)- Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Jason Anderson took the Key Event win, his first of the season.

To the line for the Eastern Regional Championship in the annual East/West Showdown, a title was in the 250SX Class. After among the most outrageous & most memorable races in the annals of the division, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo walked away together with the Primary Event triumph, but it was Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Zach Osborne who emerged with his first career title after fighting back from a first-turn crash.


The highly anticipated 450SX Class Principal Occasion got underway with RMATV/MC-WPS-KTM’s Blake Baggett edging out Dungey for the Holeshot. Dungey used the impetus of an external line to immediately go to the lead, while Tomac fought his way into third behind Baggett.

It was then Anderson’s move to use pressure on the lead. He stalked Tomac for several laps, as well as briefly nosed his Husqvarna to the front, but his aggressiveness let Dungey to shut back in and take over second on Lap 4. The race stabilized a bit at that stage, with Tomac loving a multiple-second lead, but as the 20-minute-plus-one-lap Main Event neared the halfway point Dungey started to shut back in on his opponent.
A miscue in a rhythm section on Lap 14 let Dungey to soar past Tomac and back to the lead, but the Kawasaki rider remained right on his rear fender. A quick time later Tomac dove to the inside of Dungey, driving contact and sending the KTM rider off the track. As Tomac recovered the lead, Dungey was compelled to safely reenter the track and did so without losing a place, but came out only in the front of Anderson. Only at that aspect in the race, the most notable six riders sat within three seconds of another, adding to the tension both on the trail as well as in the stands.
Yet, in the ultimate turn prior to the finish Anderson tried to retake the place, pushing hefty contact with Reed and sending the Monster Energy/Yamalube/Chaparral/Yamaha Financial Services/Yamaha Factory Racing rider off the right or left side of the trail.

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As the field took the white flag for the closing lap the ability crowd rose to its feet as Dungey continued to manage in regards to a bike-length shortage to Tomac, apparently awaiting a final possibility to make a move and possibly steal the win. As the leaders approached the trail’s only triple jump for the last time Tomac went high and abruptly dropped off the pace, which enabled Dungey to readily move back in the lead. Tomac’s short slowing seemed to be deliberate as he leapt right behind Dungey and came in with another competitive pass in the following corner. The two made contact again, pushing both to quit entirely and almost go off the track. That enabled Anderson to dive underneath the lead pair and hop from third to first with just a couple of moves staying. Grant briefly followed into second, but Tomac recovered his momentum and got back by. Dungey received the worst of the position, dropping from second to fourth, however he kept his KTM on two wheels and settled for the place he needed so that you can make sure the title.

Anderson went to take an unexpected triumph, the third of his career and his first of the 2017 season, by 1.8 seconds. Wanting a finish no worse than fourth, Dungey brought his KTM house just off the podium.
Dungey discussed his frustration with all the Kawasaki teammates for his or her race strategies after crossing the finish, but a fourth Monster Energy Supercross Championship was his.
It was rough in the get go, but we did it,” said Dungey, who had been compelled to wrap up the title in Vegas for the very first time in his career. “In the final race [of the season] I did not anticipate it to be like that. I anticipated it to be a clean race, but those cheap shots were amazing. But, we lived it and we got through it. It is [more gratifying]. We did not win the most races [this season], but the points are what issue at the ending. We fought hard, tooth and nail. This was these most difficult as well as the most difficult season of my whole career. It is simply pleasant to be here and sit on top.”

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Dungey is the fifth rider in Monster Energy Supercross history to win three straight 450SX Class titles. He also becomes only the fourth rider in the annals of the sport to win at least four titles, joining Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, and Ryan Villopoto. His three triumphs are the lowest for a winner since Jeff Stanton won the same number in 1992. Instead, Tomac’s nine wins are the most to get a rider that failed to win a title since Damon Bradshaw won the same number, additionally during the 1992 season. Dungey and Tomac completed the season divided by only five points.

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