Ducati: Lorenzo Helps Convince Dovizioso

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Ducati Andrea Dovizioso glossy rider in 2017 season. Dovizioso success influenced by the presence of his new partner, Jorge Lorenzo.

Lorenzo crossed to Ducati after spending nine years with Yamaha. In the Italian manufacturer, Lorenzo is still in the adjustment phase so only able to finish seventh in the final standings.

On the contrary, Dovizioso became the biggest surprise of last season after giving tight resistance to champion Marc Marquez until the last series of championships. Finis runner-up, became the highest achievement of the Italian rider throughout his career in the primary classes that began in 2008.

After reaching his first victory over Ducati motorcycles in Malaysia 2016, Dovizioso shot by grabbing six victories in last season. According to Ducati co-ordinator Davide Tardozzi, Lorenzo ‘forced’ Dovizioso pushed himself harder.

“Completely, yes,” Tardozzi said, answering the question of whether Lorenzo’s arrival was good for Dovizioso.

“I think Jorge has indirectly helped him (Dovizioso) to convince himself that he can be a top rider – not just a fast pebalap.That’s the difference,” he continued to Crash.net.

The changing mentality of Dovizioso is considered the key to success. “I think there are a lot of things that make him think that he not only can be fast, but also a winner.Of course, it starts winning at Sepang while he finds some people during the winter who talk to him in different ways.”

“He changed his mentality, we have to say that Dovi is always fast, he was not a radiant winner, but he has always been a wonderful man, he made the progress of his mentality, a step in his mind, and that made him a winner.

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