Lorenzo’s Confidence Will Be Tougher In This Season

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Jorge Lorenzo feels in better shape to welcome the 2018 MotoGP season. After a difficult year, Lorenzo believes will more often fight in front.

Lorenzo did not win a race in his inaugural season with Ducati. The owner of three MotoGP world titles was only three podiums throughout the season, namely the three positions in Jerez and Aragon and second position in Sepang.

Adaptation process from Yamaha to Ducati recognized 30-year racer was the toughest challenge. Moreover, the motor character of these two teams is very different. Yamaha has a nice balance in the corner, while Ducati actually have problems in that aspect.

But seeing the Desmosedici for 2018, Lorenzo confident will be more resilient. In addition to already enough to know the character Desmosedici, this time he promised a motor that is more easily controlled.

“I see myself as a better rider than last year, the first position is not achieved for many reasons, especially because of difficulties related to adaptation with the motor,” he said quoted GPOne.

“I have to change my racing style to try faster, Ducati helped me a lot, made things easier, but it was too little time.”

“For the next season, I’m sure we will be more competitive – how much of it, I do not know, but we will definitely be in further positions ahead,” added Lorenzo.

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