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Whereas the brand new Sachsenring floor acquired unanimous approval on the German MotoGP, some riders once more referred to as for modifications to be made on the infamous Flip 11 ‘Waterfall’ right-hander.

But, on paper, there isn’t any apparent ‘fault’ with the nook, or concern over the scale of the run-off space.

The principle downside is that the quickest activate the monitor is preceded by seven left-handers, permitting the appropriate facet of the tyre to chill by the point it’s wanted most.

Including to the problem is the unfavourable camber because the monitor plummets downhill, as riders get on the fuel, additional lowering load on the entrance wheel. Nearly all the Waterfall accidents are from shedding the entrance.

In the course of the 2017 German Grand Prix weekend, Flip 11 noticed probably the most accidents for the MotoGP class (5). Nevertheless for Moto2 it was Flip 12 that topped the record (6) and Flip 1 in Moto3 (7):

2017 German GP falls per flip (Crash.internet).

In the course of the current resurfacing, some slight optimistic camber was added to Flip 11. Though some riders felt there was no distinction the general variety of Flip 11 accidents was the bottom since 2012:

2017 German GP Flip 11 falls per yr (Crash.internet).

In 2014, riders rejected a modified model of the nook and few can agree on what, if something, ought to be accomplished.

Crash.internet requested Jarno Zaffelli of Dromo Circuit Design – creator of the Termas de Rio Hondo structure, plus current modifications at Misano and Sepang – for his opinion on Flip 11.

In short, Zaffelli notes that the resurfacing and slight camber change “appears to be working” with riders showing to make use of much less lean angle, making it tougher to lose the entrance.

Zaffelli additionally considers the nook “a masterpiece” and that altering it ought to be a final resort, particularly given the low variety of accidents at that location. If a change is to be made, he would take a look at the structure earlier than Flip 11.

The complete rationalization may be seen beneath:

“In 2013 I used to be significantly inquisitive about tips on how to enhance that nook. After some analysis on the time I observed that:

Crash chance as much as 2013:
Flip 1 and Flip three ‘ex aequo’ was 24%.
Flip 11 was third at 17% (see beneath):

Graph: Dromo

MotoGP Bridgestone bike falls:

85% on proper hand corners, 15% on left hand corners

Moto2 and Moto3 Dunlop bike falls:
54% on proper hand corners, 46% on left hand corners (see beneath):

Graph: Dromo

“These findings identified that the crashes had been completely associated to tyre behaviour – perhaps associated to the burden/energy of the MotoGP bike, and perhaps due to a chilly right-edge to the tyre.

“When Michelin changed Bridgestone firstly of final yr, the attention-grabbing truth was that the entire of Michelin plus Dunlop crashes at Flip 11 didn’t change sensibly. Nevertheless this yr they recorded solely 6 crashes (5 MotoGP and 1 Moto2) as a substitute of 10 in 2016, earlier than the resurfacing and re-profiling.

“It is perhaps too quickly to say that the slight lateral re-profiling labored to scale back the variety of crashes. We’ll see. However the first impression is that it appears to be working. Riders look to be visibly leaning much less, subsequently it’s tougher to lose the entrance.

“There are lots of concepts on what to vary about Flip 11, and several other are with out truly touching the nook.

“I believe Flip 11 is a masterpiece and a spot that may make a distinction between riders and boys. Concepts alone are usually not sufficient although. I would want to proceed to analyse the scenario on fashionable bikes and know extra of the particular monitor to design one thing workable.

“However a change of structure could be the final possibility, as per my fashion.

“If there’s to be any design change, perhaps I might take a look at the structure earlier than Flip 11 slightly than Flip 11 itself. Any modifications for MotoGP must also not have an effect on the already well-balanced ratio of left to proper hand Moto2 and Moto3 falls on the circuit.

“Yet another factor. The FIM did an excellent job at Flip 11 on the security facet. The accidents there are only a few, or none. Aside from the bikes in fact. But when the damage ratio is so low in that nook, is it so dangerous that they proceed to fall there?”

The worst damage of the Sachsenring weekend, a fracture of the appropriate ankle and leg for Jorge Martin, occurred at Flip 2 in Moto3 Free Observe 2.

By Peter McLaren

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